Antonov Airlines

2022-12-15 ANTONOV Airlines safely completed rpoject cargo transportation for Oil&Gas industry

The Ukrainian ANTONOV Airlines – world leader in outsized and super heavy cargo transportations continues moving sensitive cargoes by air

ANTONOV Airlines has transported a gas rotor on board one of its AN-124-100-150 aircraft from Bergamo, Italy, to Saudi Arabia. Transportation of the sensitive cargo was performed for DHL Global Forwarding in a short notice. The flight took two days including a technical stop.

The total weight of cargo was up to 105 tonnes including the rotor measuring 13.05 m in length, 3.62 m in width, and 3.82 m in height and additional accessories. High pressure exchangers are installed in Gas Treatment Plants, Refineries, Power Generation Plants. These units can be manufactured with design pressures greater that 300 barg and temperatures greater than 500°C.

“The expertise of the ANTONOV Airlines technical crew and engineers guarantees the smooth and efficient transport of this delicate and unique cargo,” said Olha Danylova, Commercial Executive, ANTONOV Airlines.

“An external cranes in conjunction with the onboard crane and winch of the AN-124-100 was used to load and unload the rotor on the stand, as well as special loading equipment designed and manufactured by ANTONOV`s in-house engineers.”