Antonov Airlines

2023-03-29 The power supply skid became the biggest single-piece cargo transported by ANTONOV Airlines in 2022

ANTONOV Airlines in cooperation with Rolf Riedl GmbH successfully performed challenging transportation of power supply skid from Tekirdag, Turkey to Hamburg, Germany on board of one of its AN-124-100-150 aircraft. E-House is a prefabricated sub-station used as power distribution center was required for Germany’s first LNG terminal of high priority to provide an independent and low-emission energy supply system.

The E-house was transported in the container measuring 19.00 m in length, 4.24 m in width, and 4.01 m in height, designed by Siemens Energy. To load and onload the oversized container on/from the aircraft cargo cabin a special loading ramp, ANTONOV in-house design, was used in conjunction with external cranes.

“The major task was a precise installation of low-profile loading ramp required especially for this mission. Thanks to a professional approach, the ANTONOV team ensured safe loading and unloading at airports under the supervision of a Siemens Energy representative,” said Andrii Nazarenko, Flight Manager, ANTONOV Airlines.

“We thank our customer for their trust to perform this challenging project without incident and in-time as well as our partners. That was a highly important mission, and it goes without saying that it has to be accompanied personally”, said Iris Müllejans, Managing Partner Director, Rolf Riedl GmbH.

“A floating LNG terminal was scheduled to go into operation in Elbe port at the beginning of 2023 to ensure uninterrupted gas supply to Germany so that German households are warm and cozy. As the world's leading operator of the AN-124-100 aircraft, ANTONOV Airlines has necessary experience and capabilities to handle such complex and time-sensitive operations. We grateful to Rolf Riedl for entrusting with the important task of transporting the equipment and look forward to continuing to provide excellent service in the future,” said Volodymyr Goncharov, Commercial Executive, ANTONOV Airlines.